About TotalFoodSafety.com

With on-demand training courses designed by authoritative experts, TotalFoodSafety.com delivers immediate and cost-effective educational solutions that improve your safety, compliance and risk management initiatives by providing:


Our comprehensive catalog of self-paced, online safety training and certification courses are created for alcohol sellers and servers, food preparers and servers, and establishment managers and owners. Courses are available in “pay-per-view” online modules or can be purchased with group discounts.

TotalFoodSafety.com is a comprehensive web-based training solution.

TotalFoodSafety.com is powered by 360training, a leading provider of regulated government accredited online certification training courses. TotalFoodSafety.com courses are created for the hospitality industry including: hotel, restaurant, bar, convenience store and grocery employees and managers. As a leading provider of online alcohol seller/server and food safety manager certification training courses, TotalFoodSafety.com provides a convenient alternative to traditional classroom based instruction without compromising the quality of training that you expect. The two main components of the TotalFoodSafety.com training solution include interactive, self-paced alcohol seller and server certifications, as well as food safety manager (FSM) training.

About TotalFoodSafety.com Online Alcohol Seller & Server Certification Training

TotalFoodSafety.com’s online alcohol seller and server certification training courses are recognized or approved in over 30 US states. Just a few of TotalFoodSafety.com’s most popular accreditations include:

Even more additional state approvals are coming soon. For states that do not have an accreditation program, the TotalFoodSafety.com course will provide employers and sellers/servers with an official certification and verification of training by a 3rd party that can be used in court cases for reasonable defense efforts and insurance discounts. TotalFoodSafety.com is recognized for liquor liability insurance discounts by major liquor liability underwriters. Call us today for details about insurance discounts.

About TotalFoodSafety.com Food Safety Manager (FSM) Certification Training

TotalFoodSafety.com’s online food safety manager certification training course is a comprehensive 10-12 hour self-paced multimedia course that will prepare you to take the official FSM certification course. Upon registration, you can take as much time as you need to complete the course and will be guided through a series of quizzes, interactive exercises, cartoon animations and games. If you are in a state other than Texas, you will be provided with a toll-free number to call Experior and locate the exam site closest to you (this is a proctored exam) after the completion of the course.

Additional Solutions

In addition to alcohol certification courses and FSM training, TotalFoodSafety.com provides customized development for corporate training, tobacco seller training, general safety (OSHA), and more. Contact us today to learn more about custom solutions by TotalFoodSafety.com.