New York Alcohol Server/Seller Courses

Course Name (Click course name for more information) Credit
New York Alcohol Training Awareness Program (ATAP) On-Premise Training 3.0 $25.00 Add to Cart
New York Alcohol Training Awareness Program (ATAP) Off-Premise Training 3.0 $25.00 Add to Cart
Tobacco Seller 2.0* $9.95 Add to Cart
* Indicates course duration. The course is not for credit hours.
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Course Information

The program is approved by the NYSLA through the Empire State Restaurant and Tavern Association program # Albany AT0001, through our partnership with Learn2Serve.

New York State Requirements

There are no requirements for Responsible Server Training in this jurisdiction. Voluntary.

Mitigating Benefit: The New York State Liquor Authority (NYSLA) will consider training a mitigating factor if, at the time of violation, the person who committed the violation held a valid certificate of completion or renewal from a certified alcohol training awareness program provider and the licensee diligently implemented and complied with training program.