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The RAMP Server/Seller Course is approved by the PCLB through our partnership with Learn2Serve.

Pennsylvania Responsible Alcohol Management Program (PA RAMP)

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board developed the Responsible Alcohol Management Program (RAMP) to devise ways of helping workers in the responsible sales and service of alcohol. The program requires Pennsylvania workers to obtain a bartending license by completing a PLCB-approved alcohol seller and server training course. The PA RAMP training also educates alcohol licensees, from distributors to restaurant owners, on how to remain in compliance with Pennsylvania liquor laws and protect their businesses from liabilities.

The RAMP certification in PA is completely voluntary but provides establishments who pursue it with incentives. Essentially, RAMP reduces the fines and penalties of bartender licensees in PA for serving a minor or an intoxicated person as long as the licensee remains in compliance with parts of ACT 141 during the time of violation and has no previous violations in the past four years. Licensees will also receive a liquor liability insurance discount.

Specifically, the Pennsylvania RAMP certification course will teach you:’s Pennsylvania alcohol seller and server training ultimately reduce incidences of drunk driving in the state, disturbances and related liquor law violations. For further information on PA liquor laws and certification requirements, visit the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board official website at of completion.