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TotalFoodSafety.com brings you the new version of TABC Seller Server Training online.

The 2015 TABC Certification course takes about two hours. You can take it at once or you can spread it out over multiple sessions. There is no six-hour time limit, as with other TABC courses. Enroll now and you will get your printable TABC Certificate as soon as you pass the exam.

Get TABC Certified with TotalFoodSafety.com:

  1. Complete our online TABC certification course. It’s approximately 2 hours in length, but is self-paced.
  2. Pass the 25 question final exam (passing is 70%). You are officially TABC certified when you pass the exam.
  3. Print your official TABC certificate. You no longer need to wait for it to arrive in the mail.

It’s fast, easy and affordable. Take your TABC training now!

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